Wood Salad Bowls


Our handcrafted wooden salad bowls are made with locally salvaged trees from around the Portland area. We offer three sizes: 11, 12, & 13 inches.

Each bowl involves a lengthy three step process that takes about a year to complete. After cutting the wood from a recently fallen tree, we form the rough shape of the bowl on a lathe, and then place it on a shelf to dry for 8 to 12 months. Once dried, the bowl is re-turned on the lathe, sanded, branded, and oiled.

With proper care, these bowls will last for generations. (Care instructions are included with bowl).

The photos provide an accurate representation of the size and shape of our salad bowls, as well as the range of woods used (light maple, dark walnut, and golden brown elm). However, due to the nature of salvaged wood coupled with a year-long production time, the type of wood your bowl is made from depends upon what we have available at the time of your order.

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