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These mills are made from the seed pod of the Australian Banksia tree. These pods begin life as a flower, and over time turn into a solid, dense pine-cone that ejects its seeds from the small holes.

The texture and look of these mills is out of this world. Less than one percent of Banksia pods grow large enough for us to use, making these grinders truly one of a kind pieces!

Our Banksia Pod mills features the same world class mechanism as our classic and specialty mills, and will grind both salt & pepper. We offer them in two sizes, 6″ and 8″. Our photos provide an accurate representation of the options, but since no two pods are alike, the coloring and patterns will vary.

Packaged with Care

Every Portland Peppermill Co. grinder comes in a branded box with instructions for usage, warranty, and care.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Peter Chordas

Between pre-ground spices in my youth and cheap plastic peppermills in my college days, my first Portland Peppermill Co. grinder was nothing short of a culinary miracle. The weight and quality feels wonderful in the hand, the mechanism turns smoothly and grinds with authority, the handsome looks garner compliments at dinner gatherings, and the way that wonderful aroma of fresh ground spices hits you when you give it a twist over your dish… Trust me, if you don't have a real spice grinder in your life, order one right now. It will transform your kitchen, your table, and everything else about the way you enjoy food.

Peter Chordas Freelance Writer, Spice Lover, Foodie

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