Coffee Grinders


Prepare your morning coffee with a high quality ceramic conical burr grinder from the Portland Peppermill Co. The grind is fully adjustable, from coarse French press to fine Italian espresso percolator. Dial in your preferred setting, load the beans in the sliding door on the front and turn the handle to grind. The grounds are stored in the wooden base. Remove the plug in the bottom to empty.

We offer our Coffee grinders in three different tones of wood: light, dark, and burl wood. Light colored grinders are made from maple or elm. Dark colored grinders are made from black walnut. Burl grinders are made from maple burl. All coffee grinders measure approximately 8.5” tall and 3.5” wide. Our photos provide an accurate representation of the options, but since no two trees are alike the wood grain and patterning will vary.

Coffee Grinder Warranty

These mechanisms are not made by the same Danish company that makes our peppermill mechanisms, and therefore do not carry the same warranty.

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