The Globe is a representation of a reality that unites us all, while simultaneously embodying a mystical quality that doesn’t necessarily translate to our direct experience of existing on the surface of an orbiting celestial object.

As the human species progresses in our intellectual and technological advances, we are just beginning to realize the interconnectedness of life on this planet. We are not separate from other humans, races, countries, species, plants, animals, cycles and rhythms etc. The more we deny this interconnectedness, the more havoc we wreak. The greater our wounds become, the more opportunity we have to look inside and realize we are becoming our own worst enemies.

These hollow globes, made from west coast tree roots, with many natural crevices and cavities, are inspired by the said ideas. They represent our current state of a global world that is on the cusp. We exist in a crucial time, where the decisions that we are making today, as a global community, will have tremendous impacts on the future of our species.

We are not alone. We are not separate. Our choices impact the whole. We are a global family, and the opportunity for recreating the story, is now. There is hope.

Portland Peppermill Company